Prayer update


Hi church family- 

I hope this finds everyone staying healthy, strong and faithful. This period of time has been filled with such a rollercoaster of emotions... at least for me it has, as I'm sure most everyone else. Let's continue to hold each other up.. in prayer, in encouragement and for physical needs. So many people are hurting right now and I hope we can show our love for Christ by doing what we can for others. 

We're so appreciative for all of the prayers and emails of support for Jose and our family. I wanted to give an update on Jose's health situation. Jose spent 5 days in Yale hospital last week due to a bacterial infection and he was able to come home on Sunday afternoon, thankfully. We were able to have Easter dinner together, which was such a blessing. His leg with the infection is healing nicely but his liver enzyme levels are all over the place. We met with the transplant surgeon yesterday, as the team has expedited the process due to his enzyme levels. The surgeon has given his approval for Jose to be placed on the list for a 2nd liver transplant, which was a big hurdle. We still have to get the cardiologists approval, but we're hopeful he will get on the list. 

Now, due to the coronavirus situation, we really need his current liver to keep functioning as long as possible. The entire country is only performing transplants if patients are in dire need, so that they're not at risk for contracting the virus while being very immunocompromised. There's a fine balance with transplants, where patients need to reach a certain level of sickness to be in line for a transplant BUT they don't want them to be too sick where it makes surgery more complicated. Tough balancing act.

Please pray that Jose's liver enzyme and bilirubin levels come down quickly and that his current liver continues functioning optimally. 

Please pray that when the time comes, Jose to receive a successful 2nd liver transplant and have many more healthy years with our family!

Please pray for Jose's spiritual walk and for all of us to stay strong in faith that our Lord will continue to care for us, as He always has. 

Please pray for all of our fears, anxieties and emotional struggles. They are real and powerful. They do not speak to lack of faith. 

Please pray for this coronavirus to be completely eradicated for all of our sakes.

We pray for all of you and hope to see you all again soon.

Much love and gratitude, 

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