Ellen Bourne

Good morning everyone, this is an FYI - 

At times your email service provider(s) such as yahoo, aol, frontier, comcast, google, etc. flags certain emails that you receive and automatically deem those emails as spam.  Once deemed as spam these emails will be automatically routed to your spam folder.

When checking your emails please also check your spam if anything pertaining to  does appears in your spam folder please move it to your inbox and them delete it.  Do not delete the email while your spam folder.  The reason you should not delete the email from your spam folder is when you delete from spam it triggers to delete you from the Danbury church of Christ (DCOC) distribution list.  I intern will be alerted and will resent you an invitation.  You will have to accept to continually receive emails from Danbury church of Christ (DCOC).

This is the one of the many extra protection that offers the various groups that use their service(s).

Ellen Bourne

"When things in your life are not adding up, it's time to start subtracting."